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Axius Technology’s solutions cater to each client’s needs and goals. We take a strategic approach to staffing that involves planning for the present and the future. We offer services in all aspects of recruitment, staffing and development to provide our clients with the flexibility and ease that comes from working with one expert provider.

Executive Search – locating and attracting the most sought after talent in the workplace to meet our clients’ essential hiring needs. Services include consulting in areas such as organizational development, compatibility assessment and project management.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) – creating, modifying or enhancing a company’s hiring process. Includes managing the entire hiring process, and all related activities, from the time a need is identified to the start date of the employee to fill the position. Axius Hire Pursuit seamlessly integrates its RPO solution into HR operations without introducing new complexities.

Contract Staffing – providing clients with contract and interim staffing services for unanticipated or project-related hiring needs. Axius StaffInsight solutions provide clients with immediate access to trained professionals, the ability to bring in specialized staff for important projects that require a certain level of knowledge or skills, operational cost reduction and minimal payroll maintenance resulting in increased revenue per employee.