RTLD Framework

RTLD Framework

At Axius, we have had an incredible learning curve over the last 8 years, especially in terms of the approaches of recruitment. We believe that a correct and thorough understanding of the requirement is key to finding the 'perfect match' for every role.

Initially our recruiters found it challenging to cover all parameters of search and that's when Nupur Panjabi, Director and Zeeshan Ahmed, AVP - Client Engagements, invented the unique RTLD approach which helped us in simplifying the candidate search and mapping process and ensuring that the candidates met the client's requirements perfectly and vice-versa.

Based on the RTLD approach, there are 4 key parameters that help refine the talent search process. They include:

Role (R) : Every requirement received from our client is first broken down to the role and a complete clarity is sought on the same

Technology (T): with the rapidly changing industry dynamics it is imperative that our recruiters keep updating themselves with all the latest technology which are in demand and the moment we receive a requirement, we brainstorm on the expectations from the candidate in terms of technology and the version of the technology which is being asked.

Level (L): Understanding of the level plays an important part in the recruitment process especially when it comes to convincing a prospect to make a career move matching our existing needs

Domain (D): We have come across recruiters failing in their efforts if they take care of all parameters but ignore including Domain in their search criteria and it has been established that the chances of a closure improves by over 80% if a candidate is tapped from the respective domain

Owing to its popularity, our unique RTLD framework has almost become a norm in the industry and is even followed by some of our competitors.