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Outsourcing your recruitment with Axius® is good business.

Organizations need to consider various aspects of operations, finance, business and HR when making hiring decisions. Recruitment processes require different levels of expertise and a high level of focus on each specific process.

Customized Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution

Axius recognizes the necessity of expertise and process management in a rapidly changing economic scenario. The recruitment process outsourcing solutions incorporates speed, flexibility and accountability to the recruitment process. The solution for RPO delivered from offshore is based on specific requirements that individual firms have and is customized towards solving these problems.

To manage and deliver solution customized towards individual clients, Axius follows a diagnosis led approach. The four steps outlined below helps in clients knowing what they want and enable them in recognizing RPO as a solution for specific problem.

What we do:

Leadership Hiring & Executive Search

Leadership hiring is a critical hire in any organization and the most powerful stakeholder to control the overall business. Where will you find the leaders you need?

Our Executive Search practice is different in ways that will make a big difference to you.

Axius is a specialist in executive search assignments. We have a highly experienced and well-networked team of consultants; our search professionals use innovative sourcing strategies, extensive network and in-depth industry knowledge to accomplish a customer centric search.

Our executive search process starts with an in-depth understanding of clients’ strategic& organizational goals. Axius believes that a deep understanding of client’s business objectives, strategy and its domain allows us to take a broader and more creative approach in identifying potential and relevant candidates.

We manage a limited number of engagements and offer best in class expertise, coupled with deep local market knowledge and intuition that has been built over the years of search experience in India. Engagements are personalized and bespoke, and always managed by an experienced consultant with industry knowledge and extensive networks

Our client relationships range from large conglomerates to medium sized corporations who have operations in the United States, and is equally split between Global and domestic companies. In addition, we also work actively withEmerging, Innovative and Cutting-edge technology companies like Product Start-ups, VC Funded and Private Equity set ups.

Mid Senior Staffing (Contingency & Exclusive Model)

Our expertise in understanding the Mid-Senior search requirements helps us in assessing and recruiting potential talent with outstanding track records.

Our strong expertise roots from various assignments from large IT services firms and various product based MNC’s and technology start-ups wherein we have also worked on the strategic RPO model to fill the required positions in a time bound manner.

Turnkey Assignments

Using our process driven approach, our team is capable of supporting requirements of clients with needs to setup an entirely new venture/business unit or of start-ups with needs to hire across the board. These are long term high commitment exclusive contracts with several value added services.

We have worked on several Turnkey Recruitment projects and successfully done bulk recruitment across all vertical in limited time frame. Our consultant follow a unique approach in understanding precise staffing requirements, “Search Methodology” and “Negotiation Skills”, thereby increasing the probability of success of higher conversion of the candidates.

Customized RPO Solutions

Axius recognizes the necessity of expertise and process management in a rapidly changing market scenario. The recruitment process outsourcing solutions incorporates speed, flexibility and accountability to the recruitment process.

This approach allows customers

  • Create a centralized and dedicated recruitment process for the business

  • Define a leading sourcing strategy including Marketing and networking

  • Flexibility when embarking on hiring projects

  • Reduce risk when managing volume and executive staffing initiatives

  • Remove administrative duties, including negotiation and contract formulation

  • Focus on HR business issues and strategic activities

Benefits to the Customer

  • Reduced cost-per-hire and time-to-hire

  • Enhance direct recruitment marketing; particular emphasis on web initiatives

  • Increased quality-of-hire

  • Acquire the best talent in competitive marketplace

  • Reduced attrition and improved retention rates

  • Flexible recruitment costs allow you to manage budget effectively

Our Methodology

A Strategic Approach for RPO Effectiveness and Business Impact

Whether you are addressing select recruitment needs or require a complete enterprise RPO solution, a strategic recruitment capability is essential in an RPO partner. Axius provides the strategic approach you need to achieve business impact, applying a best-practice engagement methodology that spans key areas of activity, including:


  • Determine Workforce Planning Strategy

  • Assess Employment Brand

  • Identify Gaps and Inefficiencies


  • Develop Recruitment Programs

  • Set Project Timelines and Objectives

  • Establish Project Team

  • Establish Service Level Agreement and Key Performance Indicators


  • Initiate Change Management and Communication

  • Project Launch


  • Manage Full-Lifecycle Recruitment

  • Manage Sourcing and Recruitment Programs

Performance Management:

  • Conduct Program Reviews

  • Identify Optimization Opportunities

  • Conduct Surveys and Communicate Results

Incubator/Accelerator Services for budding Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs think differently and change the world. But a lot happens before the thought can change the world. Axius is committed to enable entrepreneurs to develop their ideas into full working products. Our goal is to help Technology entrepreneurs with everything that happens between the idea and the changed world.

We follow a process where we work with universities and network groups to identify entrepreneurs who need resources to shape their idea. Selected ideas get support for development based out of our Hyderabad delivery centre.

In addition to providing development support entrepreneurs also get access to a network of angel funds and venture capitalists. A team of experienced business strategists is also available to guide them on go to market strategy and kick off their venture. An ecosystem consisting of financial, legal, marketing and staffing services exists so that the entrepreneur can get a holistic solution.