Application Life Cycle Maintenance

Software Services

With the ever-increasing technology platforms and consequently burgeoning applications and softwares developed on them, software maintenance is becoming more and more crucial to maintain peak organizational and system efficiency. The core companies working on advanced technology develop high quality software that is meant to perform specific tasks. Proper maintenance of these softwares by domain professionals is vital for the success of any endeavor.

The growing need of IT industry generated various softwares to carry out the various designated functions. But generating software solution is only half done job. There arises the need for software solution that is scalable and robust so that long term performance can be maintained by trouble shooting various hurdles that arise during program execution.

Maintenance is the alteration of a software product to correct faults, improve performances of the product attributes so that to adapt the product to a new or changing demand of market and clients.

Axius provides maintenance services in application management including application maintenance, request based software services, enhancement services for third party products, and post release support. It also provides feature level and request level design and development for products, bug fixing, enhancements, operational support, and product level testing.

The team works closely with our client’s team by quickly adopting their methodologies and setting up procedure in order to ensure seamless multi-site product development, maintenance, and support.

Various facets of software maintenance services include:

  • Code maintenance

  • Bug fixing

  • Enhancements

  • Site-specific requests

  • Version, patch and release management

  • Testing

  • Product asset management

  • Software upgrade

  • Code optimization

  • Interfacing requirements to play well with others

The maintenance process includes the following stages:

  • SLA terms agreement

  • Asset transfer

  • Knowledge transfer

  • Architecture reconstruction

  • Environment replication

  • Readiness (including internal pilot)

  • Process propagation

  • Work execution

  • Verification and validation

  • Deployment

  • Monitoring

  • Reporting

  • Review and continuous improvement

We follows three main steps while execution safeguarding software problems:

  • Correction

  • Adaptation

  • Performance

Corrective maintenance:

imprudent modification of software is carried out after discovered problems. At this stage we detect and correct hidden faults in the software product.

Adaptation maintenance:

Modification of a software product, performed after delivery so that scalability can be maintained even in changing environment.

Performance maintenance:

Modification of a software product after delivery to improve efficiency and effectiveness to meet the desired objective of work.

Types of Software Maintenance Solutions:

  • Corrective Maintenance

  • Fixing defects bugs

  • Correcting design flaws

Performance Maintenance

  • Improving the product enhancements

  • Because of new requirements

  • Misunderstanding of requirement

  • New technological opportunities

  • Increased distribution of a centralized IS onto client-server architecture

  • Reflecting changes in the environment

  • Changes to tax laws, changes to ways of working, etc.

  • Unanticipated changes