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Sumit's professional experience spans over 15 years in starting and growing businesses across various industries including Finance (Taxation), Human Resource (Recruiting and Vendor Management) and Automotive (motorsport). He is proactive leader with the rare ability to challenge the status quo to identify hidden business opportunities.

Nupur Panjabi

Nupur Panjabi


Nupur, an IIT MBA alumnus, has over ten years of sales and marketing experience in retail (BPCL) and IT consulting (Wipro, Accenture) domains. A passionate leader, Nupur has been instrumental in helping Axius adapt to the changing market dynamics and grow. Above all, she has been a positive force for the entire Axius team along the journey.

Ajay Mudliar

Ajay Mudliar

Senior Vice President

AJAY MUDLIAR HR leader with over 17+ years of Industry and Consulting experience in Human Resources across leading organizations in multiple markets. Enriched experience in having built the Talent Acquisition and Resourcing practice from scratch to strategy. Had the opportunity to build, shape and influence the Talent attraction, Talent supply chain, Supply Demand, Workforce Planning and HR strategies to address the pressing HR and people issues across developed and developing markets