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Contract Staffing – Axius has a large network of geography and technology wise employers who facilitate us in providing contract resources to our clients with a quick turnaround time and for projects as short as 3 months. Our contract resources have been serving the clients on their projects for as long as 2 years in some cases.

We follow an intense screening and candidate engagement process to eliminate 'fake cases' (people who have provided false or misleading information/ documents etc.) and have an a noteworthy select to onboarding ratio of 80%.

We have a separate team of contract recruiters that is equipped with all the tools to scout for geography and technology wise resources for clients for short term, medium term and long term projects.

Above all, the team works proactively to build and maintain a steady pipeline of candidates for every technology and domain to ensure a quick turnaround time in presenting a resource to clients.

Full-time Staffing – Unlike most competitors, we started primarily as a full-time staffing firm, which has helped position Axius as a reliable full-time staffing company. The quality of our database has been instrumental in driving our growth in this segment.

Our current data base of active and passive candidates helps us find a resource faster than our competitors. Moreover, our extensive candidate engagement process helps us present a 'perfect match' to our clients.

The following statistics are a clear reflection of our prowess in sourcing full-time talent:

- over 70% candidates qualify for the interview stage

- 70% of the interviewed candidates reach the selection stage

- 80% of the selected candidates are onboarded

Leadership Hiring & Executive Search - Conventional hiring methods alone prove to be of little use to find the 'right talent', particularly when it comes to hiring for leadership roles, where the pool is limited.

Keeping this in mind, the leadership hiring and head hunting team at Axius actively participates in major industry events in pursuit of expanding our outreach. As a result, we have built a strong network with senior leaders across various industries over the years, who now consider us as their preferred choice, when seeking new career opportunities.

We have been instrumental in helping find a 'perfect match' with our client requirements for over 200 senior industry professionals seeking new avenues.